We quit our jobs, sold our car, moved out of our apartment,
and bought one-way flights outta here.
We traded our home for guesthouses, our vehicles for rickshaws,
and congested freeways for off-the-beaten-path destinations.
Welcome to The Avontuur!

Trip Stats

Since beginning our journey in January of 2018:


Flights taken


Total credit card points at departure


Countries we've explored

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vrindavan temples

Hare Krishna, Vrindavan and the Land of 5,000 Temples

One of the holiest places for practitioners of Hare Krishna, Vrindavan is located in northern India’s state of Uttar Pradesh. It’s most famous for two things: (1) it’s the town where Krishna, the Hindu deity, grew up, and (2) is known as the land of 5,000 temples, many of which are Hare Krishna temples.

Best hotel Jaipur

Our 5-Week India Itinerary (Including Every Place We Slept for 5 Weeks in India!)

To kick off our yearlong trip, we spent more than a month traveling around this fascinating country. Our busy 5-week India itinerary had us in 19 different hostels/guesthouses/hotels in 18 different cities. These places ranged in price from $14 for a dingy room in Agra with breathtaking rooftop views of the Taj Mahal, to a

How to Provide Proof of Onward Travel (When You Don’t Have Onward Travel Plans)

Increasingly, countries are requiring that tourists provide proof of onward travel before visiting. Since Max and I frequently have no idea where we will be sleeping tomorrow (let alone where and when we’ll be moving on to the next country), figuring out how to provide proof of onward travel when we don’t have onward travel

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The Avontuur Has Been Featured in…

The Avontuur Has Been Featured in…

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