While I really liked the “about me” that Kelly put up for me (Yo! I’m Max, a slight procrastinator so I haven’t exactly finished my ‘About Me’ as of yet), and felt it actually summed me up pretty well, I guess there is a bit more to me that that one sentence. Here are the quick facts:  

  • I am just over 6’5” and, as a result, am exceedingly annoying to travel with – especially for Kelly, who is very budget-minded. I obsess over the size and location of my plane seats and the size of hotel rooms. While Kelly will always pay less to travel for longer, I will always choose the more expensive seat with legroom and shave off a few days of our trip. Needless to say, we both have become very good at compromising 🙂
  • I can also be somewhat of a travel snob, often starting our research on a destination at hotels and restaurants that are significantly out of our price range. Kelly has to consistently remind me that we are on a fixed budget (emphasizing the BUDGET part) and we will not often be staying at the 5-star hotels that I love to look at online.
  • Fortunately for both of us, I have also developed a healthy obsession with travel hacking. After opening several credit cards, and forcing Kelly to do the same, we may  be able to sneak in a luxury resort or two (not to mention a business class airplane ticket) with our over 700,000+ credit card miles.         
  • This is my second time doing extended travel, my first being South East Asia for about 3 months after I graduated from college. Although, that time I didn’t put a 10 year career on hold to pursue the travel dream.     
  • While I majored in Journalism in college, writing is still incredibly difficult for me. So, a blog should be a perfect way to make me go insane this year! Ironically enough, this is actually my second blog.     
  • I have a passion for photography that has ebbed and flowed over the past few years.   One of the things that I am most excited for on this trip is to get back into working with a camera.   
  • While I have temporarily taken a break from a career in commercial real estate, it is still an interest I am very passionate about. I especially love hotels, skyscrapers, modern architecture, workspace design and ancient ruins (yes, I do consider ancient ruins commercial real estate – just ancient commercial real estate that was built very, very well).  
  • I have a huge sweet tooth (candy addiction). If you happen to see a post on here about candy in another country, you can probably assume it was written by me.