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Guide to Gili Air Near Bali, Indonesia

gili islands guide

Located just a brief boat ride from the coast of Bali, the Gili Islands offer visitors great beaches, clear waters, friendly locals (including lots of cute cats), and plenty of fun activities for a memorable vacation-from-your-vacation. This guide to Gili Air will give some great tips to planning – and executing – a wonderful trip

72 Hours in Shanghai on a Budget: Our Shanghai Itinerary

Shanghai Itinerary

One of our favorite things about China’s largest city is how easy it is to spend 72 hours in Shanghai on a budget! When preparing for our 3-day layover, several friends tried to convince us that seeing Shanghai on a budget was not the ideal way to see the city. Once we sorted past the Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury

Our 5-Week India Itinerary (Including Every Place We Slept for 5 Weeks in India!)

Best hotel Jaipur

To kick off our yearlong trip, we spent more than a month traveling around this fascinating country. Our busy 5-week India itinerary had us in 19 different hostels/guesthouses/hotels in 18 different cities. These places ranged in price from $14 for a dingy room in Agra with breathtaking rooftop views of the Taj Mahal, to a

How to Provide Proof of Onward Travel (When You Don’t Have Onward Travel Plans)

Increasingly, countries are requiring that tourists provide proof of onward travel before visiting. Since Max and I frequently have no idea where we will be sleeping tomorrow (let alone where and when we’ll be moving on to the next country), figuring out how to provide proof of onward travel when we don’t have onward travel